Ford Focus ST MK3

Ford Focus ST MK3

1Stage Packages

Ford Focus ST 2.0T MK3 Stage 1 ‘Switchable’ Performance Software

Stage 1 £478.80 inc VAT

The standard 2.0T engine isn’t particularly slow however driving a Stage 1 Focus ST really puts into perspective how much potenitial the standard car has. The Revo'd car revs with greater urgency, using full throttle there's a push in the back from the new found torque. Power delivery is smooth and progressive; this car eats the road up in a way you wouldn't expect. The Revo tuning philosophy really shows through when driving the ST, this is tuning for the real world giving you useable power and torque.

Performance Mode 1

This setting is to be used with 91oct/95ron mode is a huge improvement over standard software, it is however tuned to suit lower quality fuel and is also ideal to use in warmer climatic conditions.

Performance Mode 2 - Super Unleaded mode

The optimum setting to use in good climatic conditions with higher octane/super unleaded fuel, ideally Shell V Power, giving huge increases in both power and torque over standard and the 91oct/95ron performance mode.

Performance Mode 3

Anti-Theft security mode allows the vehicle to be disabled.

Ford Focus ST 2.0T MK3 Stage 2 ‘Switchable’ Performance Software

£3699.00. Includes Milltek turbo back system, Forge high flow intake system, Forge front mounted intercooler, Revo stage 2 software, fitting and VAT.

Please add an additional £100.00 for Milltek titanium tips.

Please add an additional £144.00 for Milltek resonated system (quieter).

Please add an additional £282.00 for Milltek resonated system (quieter) with titanium tips.

Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the ST with a bolt on performance exhaust and Revo cold air intake. Stage 2 allows you to run a sports cat or de-cat without the CEL (Check Engine Light) being triggered by a ‘CAT Efficiency’ error code. The Ford sound symposium is disabled allowing you to run a FMIC without any error code. Stage 2 software has a Stock mode and can be setup to suit 95ron, 97ron and 98/99ron fuel. As per Stage 1, there is also an Anti-Theft mode allowing the user to disable the car for security reasons. Stage 2 software is designed to suit the following hardware upgrades:

Hardware Recommendations:

- Uprated Engine Mounts and uprated spark plugs.
2Engine Parts
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5 Suspension
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