57.1mm Hub Spigot Extenders (Pair)


Vagbremtechnic hub spigot extenders for 57.1mm hubs.

When fitting wheel spacers, usually below 10mm, they are known as being NOT Hubcentric, this means that there is very little wheel contacting the hub for weight transfer, and in some cases no contact at all and all the weight of the car is going through the wheel bolts.

With our hub extenders these tightly fit in to the OE hub and extends the hub length so that proper wheel to hub contact is made. Making sure that the weight of the car is put though the hub and not the wheel bolts.

These extenders are a very tight fit in to the OE hub so for correct fitment proper cleaning of the hub is required.


Audi S3 8V
Audi TTS
Mk7 & Mk7.5 Golf R
Mk7 Golf GTI
Seat Leon Cupra
Skoda Octavia vRS


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