Audi TTS Scorpion Exhausts


Scorpion Decat, Hi Flow Cat and Cat Back Systems


Audi TTS Scorpion Exhausts

76mm/3″ De-cat downpipe. SAUC055

76mm/3″ Downpipe with sports cat. SAUX055

76mm/3″ Non-resonated cat-back system (with valves) . EVO Polished Tailpipe. SAUS055

76mm/3″ Reasonated cat-back (with valves) . EVO Polished Tailpipe. SAU055

Weight N/A
Audi TTS Scorpion

3" De-cat downpipe SAUC055, 3" Downpipe with sports cat SAUX055, 3" Non-res with valves. EVO Polished Tailpipe SAUS055, 3" Res with valves . EVO Polished Tailpipe SAU055


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