RS4 Vagbremtechnic Direct Replacement 365x34mm Outer Rotors & Fittings (RS436534-SD)


Fits: RS4


Replacement outer rotors for the Audi RS4 B7, these discs have been dimpled (not fully drilled) to give a stock appearance to the discs but without compromising disc life and will not be prone to cracking like OE & lesser quality aftermarket fully drilled discs.

This kit requires the use of the original RS4 black alloy disc bell, we do include a new disc bell to outer rotor fitting kits. It is extremely important to ensure the back of the disc bell where it meets the outer rotor is clean and free of debris as this can cause disc vibration.

Professional installation is recommended.
New pads are highly recommended to be installed.

Included in our kit:
2x Dimpled Outer Steel Rotors
2x Disc Bell to Outer Rotor Fitting Kits

To complete this front brake kit you will need:
1x Set of brake pads to suit your driving style

Pad Options

No Pads Required, TRW Road Brake Pad Set (GDB1688), Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pad Set (FCP1664Hx2), Ferodo DS3000 Front Brake Pad Set (FCP1664Rx2), Pagid RS4-2 Front Brake Pad Set (E2931RS4-2), Pagid RS29 Front Brake Pad Set (E2931RS29), Project Mu H16 Front Brake Pad Set (Z317-H16), Project Mu H21 Front Brake Pad Set (Z317-H21)


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