Racingline Sports Spring Kit – MK7 Golf R – VWR31G70R


If you use your MK7 Golf R vehicle on a daily basis and are only looking to uprate one aspect of your car, you can’t do better than Racingline Sport Springs.

MK7 Golf R Racingline Performance Sport Spring Set

Lowering Range:
‘R’ Models approximately 20-25mm Front and Rear

Racingline Performance Sport Springs are engineered to replace the standard springs with a shorter and stiffer spring, while lowering the centre of gravity they will also help to reduce body roll for better handing over the standard springs and while offering fantastic ride quality and comfort, which can be improved from the standard ride on some applications.

These springs have been designed to work in harmony with the standard dampers so no other changes are needed.

Racingline Performance Sport Springs are for customers who demand performance over the stock setup without costing thousands! The spring range offered by Racingline Performance are not designed to drastically lower the vehicle, however for those of you who do want this you can look at the Racingline Performance range of coilover kits.


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