Sachs Performance SRE Clutch Cover Reinforced / Pressure Plate 02Q – S3, TTS, MK7 Clubsport, MK7 R & Leon Cupra


S3, TTS, Leon Cupra, MK7 Clubsport & MK7R


Technical Details.

The reinforced SACHS Performance clutch cover has fundamental advantages against an OE clutch cover, such as a higher transmittable torque and higher resistance against thrust. It also allows for faster and sportier gearshifts. That makes the Performance clutch cover extremely useful for street tuning, endurance races, hill climbing and for vehicles that are often driven with their maximum gross vehicle weight.

The SACHS Performance clutches are assembled by hand. This guarantees at all times the highest quality attributes in clamping load and release characteristics.

Sachs Part number 883082 002352

Fitting carried out our premises in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2TA. Please call 01491 412416 or email to make a booking.

LUK or Sachs

LUK DMF, Sachs DMF, Fitting on any of the above


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