Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10 – engine oil leak

The Audi C6 RS6 5.0 V10 is a great car, huge tuning potential and they look damn cool but they have their problems. One of the main ones being the dreaded oil leak. Now many cars can have oil leaks but when you have a huge 5.0 V10 twin turbo shoehorned under your bonnet, an oil leak can be a pain to rectify. I am not just talking about a weeping cam cover gasket or leaking oil cooler, I am talking about the dreaded auxiliary drive seal. Its a round seal which costs about £1 but the engine needs to be removed to get to it!
















So why does the engine need to be removed???? Well you need to remove bank 2 turbo, alternator, engine mount, oil pump and a few other bits to be able to reach the auxiliary drive seal.











So a leaking oil seal which costs £1 will actually cost you over £3K. This is not just labour but also all the other seals, gaskets, oil, anti freeze, AC gas, power steering fluid etc etc.

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