The importance of getting your vehicle serviced

Blocked air filter found when carrying out a Audi service at MDM Technik Marlow

Getting your car serviced regularly and keeping on top of the maintenance can be costly but it is also far cheaper in the long run. Getting your car serviced will uncover minor faults and wear and tear which can be easy and cheap to repair but if left can be become major issues, cause breakdowns and cost more in major repairs.

Corroded spark plugs when carrying out an Audi service at MDM Technik Marlow

Corroded spark plugs when carrying out an Audi service at MDM Technik Marlow

These spark plugs are from a A5 2.0TSI, covered 59K miles and 8 years old. The service interval is 57K or every 6 years, whichever comes first but at only 2k miles over they were causing a misfire and no doubt well before their 57K interval they were contributing to a lack in performance and poor mpg. The removal process was also very difficult as they were seized in the head. If one had snapped, it would of easily become a top end engine strip down to resolve. We recommend all spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters be replaced at a maximum of 38K or 4 years.

The main part of any service we carry out at MDM Technik for your Audi service, VW service, Seat service, Skoda service or Bentley service is to replace the engine oil and filter. This is done by putting the car on the ramp and draining the oil out of the sump by removing the sump bung, unlike main dealers who suck it out of the dipstick which only removes approx. 80% of the old oil.
Replacing the engine oil and filter ensures your engine is properly lubricated, prevents wear on internal engine components and improves your MPG.

As part of any inspection service or major service we also check the following

Tyres – check and adjust pressures, check for uneven wear, bulges, cuts and punctures.
Tyres which are incorrectly inflated can lead to increased tyre wear, tyre failure, strain on suspension components and steering, poor ride and handling and can be extremely dangerous. Your tyres are the most fundamental part of your car, they are the only part of your car which makes contact with the road, they enable you to accelerate, brake and corner and have to deal with huge amounts of varying climates, conditions, weather, pressures and forces. This is certainly one area where a quality tyre does make a huge difference.

Suspension components and steering – check for play in suspension bushes, leaking shock absorbers, worn ball joints, damaged dust covers, leaks, play and noises in the steering system. Suspension components which are damaged or worn can lead to excessive play and movement, increased tyre wear, reduced road handling and stability and worse case scenario, break due to excessive movement.

Leaking DRC shock absorber found when carrying out a Audi service at MDM Technik Marlow

Leaking DRC shock absorber found when carrying out a Audi service







One area which we generally find to be overlooked is the anti-freeze strength. As part of your service on your Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda or Bentley at MDM Technik we check the strength of the anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is extremely important as it not only prevents the coolant from freezing but also increases the boiling point of the coolant.  If the anti-freeze strength is too weak and the coolant freezes, it expands and by doing so it can at best pop off a core plug which will result in a large coolant leak when the engine warms up. Worst case scenarios….locks up the waterpump which shears the teeth off the cambelt or the freezing coolant cracks the engine block!

MDM Technik are a VAG specialist based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and cover all aspects of Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda and Bentley servicing, we are the main dealer alternative with an unrivaled reputation for delivery outstanding service and vehicle knowledge.

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