Revo Remapping FAQs

Revo remapping FAQ’s

Do Revo recommend changing service intervals when running Revo software?

For a stage 1 vehicle, not at all. Revo recommend that you maintain the same service schedule as recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.

However if you are looking to further upgrade the vehicle to run stage 2+ or stage 3 software, Revo highly recommend reducing the service intervals. As you are running more power through the engine, wear is obviously going to increase. If you are running a TFSI with an up-rated fuel pump, Revo recommend a visual inspection of the cam follower every 5000 miles or at the very least, adding it to your normal service schedule.

What do I do if the main dealer updates my factory software?

We update our performance software based on the latest factory version of software for the given ECU. Once an update has been released by the main dealer, we rebuild and release a new performance version. If your car is updated at the main dealer your original Revo dealer can reinstall your performance software free of charge if you visit your dealer within 30days of the factory update being done.

NOTE: You will need to provide the original receipt if you want to use a different Revo dealer.
NOTE: There is no Revo fee but dealers reserve the right to charge a workshop fee to cover their time.

How long will it take to install?

The overall Revo Software Installation can take between 1 – 3 hours dependant on the specific vehicle. The normal process starts with the vehicle being visually inspected, test driven and checked with diagnostic equipment for any underlying faults, the vehicle is then flashed via the OBD port and then data logged and setup. Typically this process can be completed within 1 hour; however there are always exceptions to the rules.

Some newer vehicles* which require ECU removal will take longer as the ECU has to be removed from the vehicle to be unlocked prior to being flashed. This can add anything from 1 – 1.5 hours on top of the typical flashing and setup time, dependant on the ECU type in the vehicle.

*2010 Onwards – See FAQ: What is a ‘Locked’ ECU?

Can I use someone else’s SPS to change my program?

Yes and No; the SPS isn’t tied to an individual car so can be used on more than one car running Revo software, however if the performance modes within the SPS have been setup to suit a specific car/setup they are unlikely to be the correct settings for your vehicle. For information on your vehicles adjustability please see here:

Can the insurance company see that the car is modified?

By law, Revo Developments LTD and our Authorised Dealers have to inform you that you are making a modification to your vehicle.

This modification should be declared to insurance companies. There are modification friendly insurance companies out there, just keep looking.

Can the dealer see that my car is modified?

On first glance, there is no reason for your dealer to realise that your engines ECU has Revo Software flashed. Revo create all of our software from full factory software, and write an entire software file to the ECU, as opposed to “data area” files used by other tuners.

As the ECU will ID, DTC check, and function as it would with factory software, switched to Stock Mode using an SPS it is virtually undetectable by the main dealer. Dealer tools are constantly evolving to incorporate new technology, there is always a possibility that main dealer tools could see that an ECU has been modified and isn’t stock.

If of course the dealer drives the vehicle in performance mode it will be obvious to the driver that the car has been modified. This could be confirmed by data logging the car and seeing that certain requested ECU parameters are higher than expected for a standard vehicle. The long and short of it is we cannot guaranty the software will go un-noticed by the main dealer.

NOTE: As of 2013, the VW Group online dealer tools have the ability to see software on any modified vehicle. When a modified vehicle is plugged in online it is flagged on the system, this flag is called TD1.

Please read the below overview:
TD1is the VW Audi Group warranty ‘Flag’ for a vehicle that has been modified, this is something you should all be well aware of. If you’re not then please note; since the change in main dealer on-line diagnostic tools throughout 2013 performance software can and will be seen when a vehicle is plugged into online at a main dealer. This is the case even if it’s switched to ‘stock’ mode, it is possible although not confirmed that TD1 could be flagged if a vehicle has been flashed with any tool other than the OEM online system. Our recommendation to all our dealers is to make the vehicle owner aware that their warranty will be affected if they have software installed on their vehicle; this isn’t anything new as we’ve never claimed software is undetectable however prior to the new main dealer systems Revo software did tend to go unnoticed.

Will Revo Software invalidate my manufacturer’s warranty?

This is a grey area unfortunately; In essence, you are modifying the vehicle away from standard, so looking at your terms of warranty directly related components are being invalidated. We recommend you read through your terms of warranty.

What is a ‘locked’ ECU?

From MY2010 VW Audi Group updated the ECU security on certain ECU types. This is an enhanced version of ECU security that has actually been incorporated in Bosch ECU’s since 2005, but has only now been fully activated. It is not currently possible to override this security lock by communicating with the ECU via the OBD2 port. This issue affects all remap/tuning companies. The security can be deactivated (unlocked) if the ECU is removed from the car, opened up and then the communication takes place directly with the board. Once unlocked a special Revo file can be flashed into the ECU either on the bench or through the OBD2 port in the usual manner.

NOTE: Dealers reserve the right to charge a workshop fee for ECU removal and reinstallation.

Will the ECU in my car be ‘locked’?

Pre-2010 Model Year vehicles were not locked. This means some of the vehicles built later in 2009 could be locked, however not all vehicles from this date onwards have a locked ECU. Without seeing the vehicle/ECU it’s not 100% possible to confirm whether it is locked, please see below for an overview:

All VW Polo, Skoda Fabia, and Audi A1 1.4twincharger cars are locked

Assume late 2011 on 1.4twincharger engined cars are locked NOTE: the majority of Scirocco and Golf 1.4TSI’s are not locked

Assume late 2011 on 1.4turbo engined cars are locked

All 2010 on B8 Chassis 2.0TSI vehicles are locked

All 2010 on B8 Chassis 2.0TDI vehicles are locked

Assume all 2010 on 3.0TDI vehicles are locked

Assume all 2010 on transverse engine’d diesel vehicles are locked

T5.5 Transporter and Amaroks are locked

2011 on 2.5TFSI MED9 ECUs are locked – Revo HQ + check with dealer

2012/13 diesel engine’d cars can have newer processor type that can only currently be unlocked at Revo HQ – check with dealer

3.0TSI S4/S5 ECUs are locked

3.0TSI A6/A8 ECUs are locked

1.6CR ECUs are locked

NOTE: Dealers reserve the right to charge a workshop fee for ECU removal and reinstallation.

What actually happens during ECU removal?

The ECU is unplugged and removed from the vehicle, depending on the vehicle and ECU location other items that need to be removed differ e.g. wipers, scuttle panel, etc. Where the ECU has a security bracket and bolts fitted by the manufacturer these are removed. The ECU is opened on the bench and plugged in using a bench harness. Once the process is complete we then reseal the ECU and refit the ECU into the vehicle. Manufacturer security bolts are replaced when the security bracket is refitted to the vehicle.

Do I need to have my car ‘rolling roaded’ before and after it has software installed?

In simple terms, no your vehicle doesn’t need to be tested on a rolling road.

Our R&D department spend hours on the road, track and rolling roads during test and development before the software is released to the public so before the software is released to you, it’s already been tested and proven in house.

What is important is a road test and inspection of the vehicle before it’s flashed, all our dealers are capable of checking over your vehicle to see if there are any obvious issues that need addressing prior to Revo software being installed.

The peak numbers you get on a rolling road are typically referred to as ‘Pub Talk’ numbers; who has the most power and torque! In reality the Peak numbers are largely irrelevant; it’s the power/torque throughout the rev range and the power delivery that’s important. The peak number gives very little indication to how capable a vehicle is or how well it drives.

Unfortunately there’s a lack of understanding in the industry and still a requirement to quote peak figures!

When Revo and our dealers set vehicles up on the road, we are data logging and feeling how to car drives to get the most from it for you the driver, not just trying to chase a peak number.

For more information about peak power figures click here.

For more information about rolling roads click here.

If I get another tuner to overwrite Revo software can I get it put back on for free?

Revo offer a lifetime update for main dealer/factory updates, however this isn’t applicable if another tuner overwrites your Revo software. If you choose to have your Revo software removed by a third party no re-fund or FOC reflash is applicable.

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