Audi S4 / S5 3.0T supercharged tuning

The 3.0T found in the B8 & B8.5 Audi S4 and S5 range of cars is a fantastic engine with huge tuning potential and 328BHP as standard.

The 3.0T uses a Eaton TVS Roots-type positive displacement supercharger which features twin four-lobe rotors that are twisted 160 degrees.

At MDM Technik we offer a number of stages depending on your budget and desired power output.

Revo / United Motorsport stage 1. 395BHP – 409BHP. No hardware required. £838.80


Revo / United Motorsport stage 1+. 409BHP – 442BHP includes MDM Technik intake & supercharger pulley kit £1699.00
Add £200.00 for the Revo intake kit.
Highly recommend – charge cooler kit £1379.00 with stage 1+.







United Motorsport stage 2. Approx 475+BHP includes MDM Technik intake, supercharger pulley kit, Fluidampr 179mm bottom pulley and chargecooler £4199.00









United Motorsport stage 2+. Approx 520BHP includes MDM Technik intake, supercharger pulley kit, Fluidampr 179mm bottom pulley, chargecooler and 82mm throttle body £5999.00






This was a S4 3.0T running United Motorsport stage 2+. This car produced 486.3BHP on the rolling road but intake temperatures where extremely high at 68 degrees. During back to back testing on the road including full rpm run through 3rd, 4th and then 5th gear to 7000rpm, intake temperatures peaked at 44 deg even though the car was driven a lot harder. If we copied the run from the dyno (4th gear pull), the intake temperature was 38 deg (22 above ambient).
This is one reason why dyno readings can be misleading as they do not simulate real road driving conditions even though the fan at this rolling road was one of the biggest I have seen at a dyno.
When intake temperatures get too high, ignition timing is pulled and this has a huge negative effect of the BHP reading. With a intake temperature of 38 deg we would expect to a 40BHP gain which it bring it right in line with the Racelogic performance box result.