Golf MK5, MK6, A3, S3, TT Geometry Adjustment Package

Golf MK5, MK6 Geometry Adjustment Package

This week we are pleased to tell you about the latest innovation from our development team to provide geometry adjustment for the ever popular Volkswagen PQ35 platform. This includes Volkswagen Golf Mk5 and 6, Passat, Scirocco, Audi A3, S3 and TT.PFF85-501G Front Wishbone Front Bush Camber Adjustable This bush features a CNC machined Stainless Steel sleeve with an offset bore that can be rotated using our bespoke tooling (supplied), giving +/- 0.5 degrees of on-car camber adjustment.

For a non-adjustable version of this bush, use PFF85-501.

PFF85-502G Front Wishbone Rear Bush Anti-Lift & Caster Adjust  To achieve caster adjustment of 1 degrees and 7.5mm additional anti-lift properties, we have produced our own bracket and new polyurethane bush that increases the stiffness of the bush by 120% at a load of 4000N.

Our Black Series part increases stiffness by another 43%, to give a 214% increase in stiffness over the original part. The result is that the car experiences fewer changes in its geometry for a given load for more predictability and improved performance of the suspension.

Please watch our video that showcases our testing and development process that includes on-car footage and technical information.

Feedback from our test drivers has confirmed that adjustment made to the vehicles geometry dramatically increases traction and reduces front wheel hop. Changes made to the caster angle increase turn-in response and serve to eliminate torque steer.

The bracket kit is supplied with the bush already fitted using our high pressure tooling and is ready to fit straight onto the car using brand new corrosion resistant bolts.

For a non-adjustable version of this bush that fits into the original bracket, use PFF85-502.

Our bushes offer improved reliability over the original parts and of course carry our Lifetime Warranty.
For vehicles used in Motorsport or predominately on track, these new bushes are available in our Black Series range.