2.0TFSI Revo Powder Coated Intake (powder coated)


2.0TFSI Revo intake (Powder coated) RT992M200700.
Fits MK5 Golf Gti inc ED30, MK6 Golf R and ED35, Audi S3 8P, Scirocco R, Seat Leon Cupra and K1, Skoda Octavia vRS

The factory 2.0 TFSI air-box works efficiently on a standard vehicle. As power is increased through tuning however, it quickly becomes a major restriction, reducing the additional power offered. Ensuring the engine can get access to enough air is paramount when increasing power, an open cone air-intake system is the most effective way of achieving this, but not all products are made equal.

Having worked with a number of intake solutions during software development, we noticed a lack of high quality and more importantly, high flowing kits available. Working alongside some of the biggest names in the air filter industry, we engineered and designed what is still one of the highest flowing kits available.

Pioneering design allows air to reach the turbo as quickly as possible whilst minimising turbulence and restriction. As a result, boost can be maintained for longer, giving you access to more power throughout the rev-range along with a more aggressive sound, and performance you can feel all the way to the redline.


Increases power and torque
Maintains boost for longer
Single piece pipe
25% less restriction
Three layer foam filter
Scaled MAF housing

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm


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