Front Brake Combo Upgrade Kit – Vehicles Fitted with 345mm OE Discs


If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a dedicated race car or experience how a VW Cup Car BTCC Car stops then you’ve come a step closer with VAGBREMTECHNIC.

You may have a Stage 1 or Stage 2 car, which is used mainly on the road, or you may perhaps have a ring trip booked so you either don’t wish to buy or don’t feel the requirement for a full on Big Brake Kit.

For those in this situation, we’ve developed the track day light kit.

It comprises our own commissioned J Hooked 340mm discs, a set of Project Mu Racing H16 Compound brake pads and some Braided Lines.

The discs are plug and play for all 340/345mm (TT/Mk5/6 Golf & Scirocco R & S3) applications and have temperature sensing paint applied for the monitoring of peak temperatures.

Theyre lighter too than stock S3/R32/6R by approximately 1.9 kg (16%) and have a larger airgap for better breathing. The J Hook design discs offer a quieter operation than a straight grooved disc and in addition provide improved bite and better debris clearance whilst offering an excellent gas path

The Project Mu racing compound supplied is a homologated BTCC Qualifying pad that operates from relatively low temperatures (they’re also very popular in time attack) and have a friction coefficient of almost twice that of popular pads such as DS2500. See the graph for how these pads perform they’re simply incredible

The supplied hydraulic lines are our own exclusive design and delete the additional join and feature a stainless banjo bolt for a more reliable and enduring installation


Please note this kit is intended for use on track, if the vehicle is used as a daily car and track car we highly recommend a set of street pads for use when on the road.


Mk5 GTI inc. Edition 30
Mk6 Golf GTI inc. R
S3 8P
Scirocco TSI inc. R
Leon FR K1 and Cupra




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