Seat Leon Cupra 280 Revo remaps now available


The latest SEAT Leon Cupra is built around the MQB Chassis and uses the latest EA888 engine also shared with the VW Golf R and Audi S3. There’s been a lot of positive press about this Cupra, SEAT themselves proud to promote it as the hottest and most exciting Cupra they’ve ever made. With a sub 8 minute lap-time of the fabled Nurburgring under its belt the Cupra is certainly a capable car.

“The New Leon Cupra is the hottest hatch we’ve ever made…” – SEAT UK

“The most exciting Cupra we have ever made…” – SEAT UK

“SEATs most powerful car ever” – EVO

“…the quickest and most powerful SEAT ever” – Top Gear

So, what can Revo do for it? We already know the Cupra is capable of more, as both the Golf R and S3 with the very same engine are making 20bhp more in factory form. From the months of development and testing already put into this engine we’ve shown its true potential in the release of our Stage1 software for the Golf R. Even when we were initially looking at our own Golf R and S3 we were excited to get our hands on a Cupra… they’ve always been a little more ‘frisky’ than their 4wd VW and Audi counterparts.

Now, months down the line we’re very pleased to release our Stage1 software for SEATs ‘Hottest Hatch’, the Leon Cupra


+90lbft OBD Port Flash (No ECU removal)

SPS switch-ability

Fuel specific performance modes

Revo Power and Refinement

They say power is nothing without control, well in our minds power delivery is key to giving the driver control and producing the best software on the market. Put the impressive gains to one side for a second, the months of testing and the miles covered in a variety of climatic conditions have all ensured our software gives smooth, responsive and most importantly useable power.

Stage 1 £718.80 inc VAT