MK7 VW Golf R Revo Stage 2 – 400BHP

The MK7 Golf R has been part of our fleet for nearly 2 years now, so I thought I might as well do a post about it.

We ran the R stock for nearly a year before deciding to add more power, mainly because of the stories about the weak turbos on these cars. There a numerous stories of turbos failing, some saying it was the early 2014 cars only, people blaming remaps etc etc. So far we have never seen or heard of one of our customers cars turbos dying. Pure coincidence…..more than likely as a number have failed on completely stock cars. All I know is that our car is never driven hard from cold, its always been fully warmed up before any hard driving.  Now I don’t think this is the route cause of them failing, but it can only help. From what I have read, the turbos suffer with poor balancing from the factory. VW have released many updates / revisions on these turbos with the letter at the end of the parts number changing. As of today, the latest part number is 06K 145 722 H.

Our R had covered 8K miles and since there is no rhyme or reason to the turbos failing, weather the car is completely standard or pushing 400+BHP, we thought it was best to get our one in the workshop but first we carried out some timing runs using Racelogic timing equipment.  I don’t know if VW are very concervative with their timings but I managed         0 – 60 in 4.2 seconds when VW claim 4.9 seconds!

Instead of just doing stage 1 we decided to go straight to stage 2 which included Revo stage 2 software, Revo front mounted intercooler, Revo carbon air intake, Revo muffler delete and Scorpion decat downpipe.

MK7 Golf R Stock times

MK7 Golf R 0 – 100 interval times

Stock R

Stock engine bay

Revo intercooler, intake and muffler delete

Carbon box is lovely!

Scorpion decat downpipe is a work of art

Scorpions welds are fantastic

Muffler delete

These times were logged when using normal unleaded, I will add another picture of the timings when Shell V power is in the car and map switched for higher RON fuel.